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"Playing the rainstick was fun, and wearing the funny wig"

Josie (Discover Children's Story Centre, Stratford. March 2015)

Willy The wimp

We work in collaboration with the children's writer and illustrator Anthony Browne (former Children's Laureate). The finale is usually a setting of his book 'Willy The Wimp.' 

It tells the story of a 'wimpy' chimp who builds himself up to face the world, only to find that he is the same person inside.

my wicked stepmother

This is a story about a young boy struggling to come to terms with his father's new wife. He learns that grown ups can be vulnerable too. 

Story by Norman Leach, illustrated by Jane Browne.

little stowaway

A true story about a young boy who misses his fisherman father so much that he stows away on board without telling anyone.

He finds that life at sea is not all that he thought it would be. 

Story by Theresa Tomlinson illustrated by Jane Browne.

Willy And The Cloud

One day Willy goes to the park. It's a sunny day, but a cloud hovers over him and he can't join in the fun. What can Willy do to make this mysterious cloud go away?

Voices in the Park

A short film of Anthony Browne's book, the story of a walk in the park is told four times each time from the point of view of one of the characters.

Introduced by Anthony Browne himself, with the ensemble performing Jane Browne's music and narrating the four voices, along with the pictures from the book.

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