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The Adriamus Ensemble is a group of professional musicians specialising in creating musical events for children. 

Our performances always include plenty of audience participation, which whilst being entertaining, is also informative. Our emphasis is on the storytelling nature of music, and how it can touch on different emotions. In order to put this across, we have taken picture books and set them to music, which we perform whilst projecting the images and narrating the stories. 

During the event the children undoubtedly learn about the instruments, the musicians, and the blending of music illustrations and words to tell a story, but most of all they leave feeling that they have attended a children's musical party.

"What do you get when you mix one of Britain’s best-loved author/ illustrators with a live orchestra? A sell-out show and one mesmerised room of kids, says Anthony Pius." 

Barnes Children's Literature Festival 2016

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